Exoclick, the innovative affiliate platform


Exoclick, the innovative affiliate platform

If you are an advertiser or publisher of websites, the Exoclick.com Affiliate Platform is an innovative online advertising platform that allows you to optimize and maximize the profitability of your campaigns.

Exoclick has no less than 155 billion monthly geo-targeted ads to a global network of more than 63,000 advertisers and publishers. The platform offers an interface in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese

The platform offers more than 20 advertising formats with optimized targeting. You can easily access big-data statistics and strategic analysis tools to improve your return on investment during your campaign. ExoClick API allows developers to create their own application thanks to a constantly evolving API.

ExoClick offers CPM and CPC campaigns for computers, mobiles and apps. Although ExoClick is historically specialized in charm (see also top list of best adult sponsors), with many advertisers in this sector, the platform tends to diversify and offers thematic campaigns, Dating, Adult, Gaming, Sexy Gaming, tech & business.

Powerful Advertising Formats On Desktop

ExoClick offers you innovative advertising formats to generate more revenue for your marketing campaigns.

A real alternative to Google AdSense, ExoClick has many tools to turn your audience into cash!

Among these tools ulta powerful, you will find Pre-roll in-stream video, Sticky banner, Banners, Notification bar, Popunders, Interstitial, In-video ads, Direct link, Customizable text … Click here to discover the detail of the advertising formats on Desktop.

Innovative Advertising Formats for Mobile

Exoclick, the innovative affiliate platform

Effectively monetize your Mobile & Tablet traffic with high-performance and state-of-the-art promotional tools!

You’ll find many innovative advertising tools like: Retargeting, Instant message, Popunders, Mobile redirection, Android in-app banner … (See details of mobile ad formats)

Detailed access to your Statistics in real time


On your dashboard, you will find the general statistics of your account: The postponement of your Daily earnings, your last month’s earnings, those of the current month, and the forecasts of the current month.

ExoClick.com allows you to view at a glance your detailed statistics by Date, Time, Sites, Languages, Spots, Ads, 3G, Category … It also allows you to see the rate of users using Adblock.

The application allows you to track the performance of your campaigns from your mobile, with a fluid interface, modern and instinctive.

For advertisers: it allows you to have an overview of your budget spent the last 6 months. Follow the daily evolution of your campaigns and your payment transactions by date, type, amount of the transaction, the balance Account …

For publishers: it allows you to track your income by date and have a forecast for the current month. Show the graph of the last 6 months retracing the financial evolution of your income on the platform ….


An AdBlock solution to increase your income.



Ad blockers like AdBlock significantly affect publisher revenue. As more and more users install “AdBlock Like”, this figure can only increase. It is estimated that in 2017 more than 86.6 million people will use an ad blocker.

ExoClick has an advanced technology solution to bypass ad blockers, ensuring that your ads are displayed even if the user has an ad blocker on their browser.


Flexible Payments for Small and Large Webmasters.

As publisher, you can make a request for payment of your commissions from 20 €. You can also choose for a monthly or weekly payment method depending on the income you generate on the platform. You can cash your commissions by PayPal, Paxum, Payonneer, WebMoney or by bank transfer. (fees may apply) Click here to find out more.


5% lifetime sponsorship program.

The ExoClick Sponsorship Program allows you to earn 5% lifetime commissions on any winnings from webmasters you refer to your referral link.


Our Review of ExoClick.

Exoclick is a trustworthy advertising agency that has existed for more than 10 years. It is an evolving platform that innovates and finds solutions to the problems of publishers and advertisers. In addition, this advertising network is approved by affiliates around the world enjoy an excellent reputation with webmasters for many years.


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