Incest. What images or thoughts come to mind when you see that word? Chances are, you are either disgusted and want nothing to with me or this review, or you are intrigued and immediately turned on. Maybe it makes you think of your smoking hot stepdaughter and how she insists on walking around the house in her underwear, knowing damn well that you are sitting right there on the couch. Or maybe you remember that time your step sister came home drunk and got extra touchy-feely with you. Did she want the dick? You may never know for sure.

These desires, though, are apparently far from uncommon. Although you may never actually find out if your stepsister really wants the D, or if your stepdaughter walks around the house half naked just for your enjoyment (probably not, by the way), there are outlets for you to indulge these fantasies in secret. Taboo ‘incest’ porn has recently become an extremely popular category in the adult entertainment industry.

Incest, obviously, is not a newly discovered fetish. In fact, it might just be the oldest kink known to man. I mean, how do you think the human race got started? We all come from the same original ancestors, right? Well, then there had to have been some siblings fucking one another for quite some time when our species was just getting started.

Maybe, then, this taboo desire that has recently become an extremely popular porn category is actually embedded in the darker, more repressed regions of our DNA. You won’t make a lot of friends saying it, but it’s not impossible to think that incest (or at least the desire to attain the forbidden) could be a part of human nature.

Okay, before you assholes go and take what I’m saying out of context, tweeting stupid ass shit like “The Porn Dude says incest is human nature, condones fucking your family!” (I know how outrage culture works … don’t get your panties in a bunch), I’m just proposing a hypothetical way of thinking. No, I do not think that you should go and try to fuck your sister. I can’t imagine that would end well for you.

You’ve Probably Seen Sis Loves Me Before

But, instead, what you can do is check out one of the many taboo incest porn sites out there. is one of them. Launched in 2016, in just two short years, Sis Loves Me has positioned themselves as one of the giants of the incest porn niche. Actually, they’ve done pretty damn well for themselves not just within that niche but in general, becoming one of the better-known pay sites.

Part of this has to do with brilliant and largescale marketing, promotion, and content positioning (I am always seeing clips of their content and ads for Sis Loves Me on all of the major tube sites), but I think it also has to do with the fact that they produce great videos, time and time again. Marketing and promotion only goes so far, after all, you can promote the fuck out of a shit product and nobody will buy it if it sucks.

Sis Loves Me, though, has managed not only to cater to the huge (previously relatively untapped) demographic of dirty perverts such as yourselves who salivate over their step sisters like chimpanzees, but they also have a pretty novel video format which sets them apart from many porn studios out there.

Innovative Video Format

Most porn videos take place in a single moment, right? The situations are fleeting—you know, pizza guy delivers a pizza to a horny ass sorority house, gets invited in for a reverse gangbang; sexy single tenant can’t afford her rent that month, fucks the dirty landlord as payment; etc. The situations in Sis Loves Me, on the other hand, span greater lengths of time—one day step sister asks brother for help with deciding what outfit to wear, one thing leads to another and she’s sucking his cock; a couple days later she comes into his room in her underwear, asking his opinion on that, they fuck; another time in the future, maybe he comes into her room naked and they fuck again, this time even harder. This aspect gives the scenes on Sis Loves Me a sense of that building sexual tension over time that (I would imagine) comes with the desire to fuck your stepsister (a slow building lust).

Okay, so now that we’ve established that Sis Loves Me produces top-notch, original porn, do they deliver the same level of quality when it comes to their site? The short answer? Meh. The moment you log into, you will be immediately hit with an offer for another site (one in their network, I believe, but still … I always find this super fucking annoying when pay sites who already have my money try to suck more money out of me before they even show me any fucking porn). You have to click through the advertisement by tapping “Continue to Members Area.” Not a great first impression if you ask me.

Lazy Site Design

Once I’m finally into the members’ area, it looks alright. I’m not crazy about the site layout and design, but I don’t hate it either. Dark gray background, red and white text, XXL thumbnails, and no real sense of how the videos are organized. I mean, I am left to intuit that they are listed by date added (and, by looking at the tiny date under the thumbnail, that intuition is confirmed), but I always appreciate it when a site at least makes some attempt at guiding me to how it’s organized.